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Wedding Packages

Beautiful Brides will come to you to help get you ready on your WEDDING DAY! I will arrive with a fully prepared professional makeup and hair kit, a professional makeup chair and pro lighting! On time, at your location!

Information Subject to change without notice at my discretion!

Gold and Platinum Packages

The Bride Plus MOB Only Package: $1000 up to 10 hours

  • Wedding Day Hair and Make-up for The Bride and Her Mother (MOB)

  • This package also includes Bride plus MOB touch ups for pre-ceremony photos and touch ups just before the ceremony. (subject to a reasonable scheduled timeline)

  • Includes travel to Bride location up to 50 miles from DTLA for farther locations add 1 dollar a mile

  • The Bride preview trial look is a separate fee of $250 on a different day



The 10 hour Bride Package: $1500 up to 12 hours

  • Wedding Day Hair & Make-up blow dry if wanted, lashes any style, makeup and hair style

  • Add 5 to 6 additional services any combination of hair or makeup

  • I will stay for photo touch ups and up to ceremony touch ups within my 12 hour time frame

  • The 12 hours also includes my travel to and from location up to 50 miles from DTLA after which I will add additional mileage of $1.00 a mile to and from

  • The Preview Trial look is a separate Fee $250 for hair 

  • I am the only artist, with reasonable requests in your hair & makeup looks each service is 40 minutes except the Bride's hair and make-up which naturally I spend more time on.

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